Yokohama China town

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  • Saitama

    on Jun 16

    Not worth visiting if you don't plan to eat

    I used to live near the street so I took it quite a lot on my way to the docks. On my first few visits, I couldn't understand the hype about the place. I have been to other China Towns around the world and visually Yokohama is dismal in comparison. However, when I finally went there to eat, I understood the popularity. And it turns out that the food is known to be the best of all the Chinatown around the world. It is a great place to enjoy some Chinese food and Chinese style restaurants. There is quite a good choice of restaurants, so I would advise researching in advance if you are stuck for time. Otherwise you can walk around leisurely and check out the menus and decor of the various eateries before you settle on a place. On the weekend there are often queues around lunch time, so that is something else you might want to take into consideration. The area is much smaller than I had expected and there are very few Chinese actually living in the area. But there is a buzz there at the weekend and the food will please connoisseurs of any age.

  • kcsantosh

    on Jun 8

    Food and shopping in Chinatown

    I have visited Yokohama Chinatown many times. This Chinatown is known as one of the largest Chinatown in asia. The most important purpose of my visit is eating tasty and delicious Chinese food. Another reason of my visit is looking the lively crowd of people. Since I am a crowd lover and food lover, Chinatown is good place for me to visit. There are lots and lots of Chinese restaurants and shops in this street. The average price of eat and drink will be around 3000 yen. If you love Chinese food and Chinese shopping, this is a place to visit. But sometimes you have to wait for a long crowd to get your turn to buy foods. If you are not a crowd lover, please avoid the weekends or Japanese calendar holidays. Access: Motomachi-chukagai station on Minatomirai line ( approx. 8 minutes from Yokohama station, 210 yen) or Ishikawacho station on JR Negishi line (approx. 7 minutes from Yokohama station, 160 yen)

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