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Shizuya (しづや)

Avg: 4000 yen
Shizuya KyotoShizuya KyotoShizuya KyotoShizuya Kyoto


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  • YokoLostinJapan

    Shizuya – modern stylish hostel in Kyoto

    Price: 4000 yen

    In October 2016 I made a short trip to Kyoto, just staying for one night. However, when I finally set a date and wanted to book an accommodation, the one’s I stayed before were already booked out and most other alternatives quite expensive. I suddenly found Shizuya via

    Newly opened in April 2016 the inside of this hostel looks pretty modern. There is a female only area and a mixed area. You can decide between dormitory room, private room, double room, Japanese style room and more. I ended up with the only room left: a small private room with a sleeping space reminding me of a capsule hotel. But hey, you are just there for sleeping? Anyway, it was a pretty unique style!

    There is a shared bath area, which was clean and also looked modern. The shower room was equipped with everything needed. Hairdryer and towels are provided inside your room and you have free internet access. They have a large common room and a small kitchen. However, there is also a restaurant belonging to the hostel just next door.

    Only negative thing: the futon was a bit thin, so if you like to sleep on a soft mattress like me, you will probably have a little pain in the back next morning *laugh*

    The hostel is only a 10 minutes walk away from Kyoto station, hidden in a narrow alley. It’s pretty quite there and good atmosphere for relaxing. I recommend it for short stays of single travelers.


    Note: The website is only in Japanese. I also spoke with the staff in simple Japanese, so I don’t know about the English language skills.


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