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Torihoudai IchibanChou Shop - 鳥放題 一番町店

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  • MamaKiyota

    Cheap all you can eat yakitori!

    Price: 2000 yen

    If you love yakitori, Torihoudai is an awesome place for a cheap all you can eat experience. 

    They offer 3 different courses ranging in price from 1500 yen to 2500 yen. The 1500 yen course is just basic yakitori and very limited side items. If you're willing to pay, the 2500 yen course offers a much greater variety of yakitori and side items and deserts. The sides include things like salads, Japanese noodles, and several fried dishes. You can order 3 yakitori per person at a time, and even though it comes a bit slowly, it is paced well enough that you can get full by the end of the time limit, especially if mixed with side dishes.

    The restaurant itself is nice and clean but smoking is allowed so it can get quite smokey in the evenings with the smoke from the grills and cigarettes mixing. By the end of the 90 minutes, you will surely notice it. Not the best place for young children during the evening hours. They do not have children seats or children's tableware either, but since the seating is tatami style seating it is manageable.

    There is no English in the store or on the main menu but the order cards do have English on them.

    One thing to be careful of is that when ordering an all you can eat course, you have the option to add on all you can drink as well, alcohol and non-alcohol versions available. If you choose not to add this, you do have to order at least one drink per person, and they don't always explain this well.


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