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Kaldi Coffee Farm Higashimatsuyama

Avg: 400 yen
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  • Saitama

    Come for the free coffee, stay for the foreign produce!

    Price: 400 yen

    I had heard much about Kaldi before I ever visited the place, as it is a beacon to foreigners living in rural Japan. And when I first visited this branch I didn't even realise it was the acclaimed Kaldi; I got drawn in by the aroma of and sign for free coffee and noticed the name after. 

    Kaldi is a haven for foreigners seeking a taste for home, especially if you don't have a Costco or other foreign produce near you. The Kaldi Coffee farms are all over Japan, they even have some branches overseas. You will probably be able to find a Kaldi within commutable distance of where you live. The selection of coffee is very good and each day they give a free sample of different types of coffee at a stall usually located at the front of the shop. You are not even obligated to enter the shop to get the coffee. You can collect points specifically for coffee at all their branches. As far as I am aware they don't have a point card for other produce in their store.

    They sell produce from all over the world. I was very surprised to find even a few things from Ireland, which is very rare in Japan. Their cheese is quite popular as is their cooking produce such as baking soda. They sell Arm & Hammer a popular brand in the West. They sell Heinz White Vinegar which is very hard to come by now that Costco have stopped selling it. They have a great selection of pasta and wine too. 

    This branch opens the same hours as the Peony Walk mall: 10 am to 8 pm. Parking is free and shared with Peony Walk Mall. 


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