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  • Saitama

    Ultra Man and Sylvanian family amusement park 20% of the way up Mt Fuji

    Price: 3000 yen

    I have only been to Grinpa in the summer; I can only hope that it is better in the winter. Personally, I would only give it 2 stars, but my kids would give it 4 stars, so I settled on 3! Although, I am not a big fan, we have been a number of times over the years as it is good entertainment for the kids.

    You can either opt for an entry ticket which doesn't cover any rides or a free day pass which covers almost everything. There is a 3rd option of getting a ticket that covers entry and 10 rides, but it is only 250 yen cheaper than the free pass so that would probably be more economical. There is a nice indoor play area, which is covered by the entry ticket. If you are visiting with small children and have no interest on going on the rides or visiting the Sylvanian family houses, the entry ticket is probably enough. The indoor play rooms have a great selection of dolls and doll accessories to play with as well as a train and tomica area. There is a ball pool and slide, a large bouncy castle and a house that you can build in. On the upper level there are games laid out that you can use for free. Also in this indoor area there is an extra play area that you can pay into and amusement games that you can pay to use. The Sylvanian family houses are nice, but are not worth paying extra for if you entered on an entry ticket. They don't have a huge amount of rides, but enough to entertain young children. The giant Ultra men back-dropped by Mt Fuji is a great photo opportunity.

    The park's opening hours vary greatly from day to day. You can check up to a month in advance on their website. The website is Japanese and the days I visited they had no English information brochures available, but I believe they sometimes have some.


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