ガイトーン Kaithong Fukuoka Parco

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  • helloalissa

    on Aug 3

    Thai Food (with all you can eat cilantro!)

    If you're near Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station in Fukuoka city and you like Thai food, I have a place to recommend. Located in the basement (B1) of PARCO, I found Kaithong by accident and Thai food sounded nice. The bright pink decor and Thai writing might help, but it's on a corner of the dining area near a walkway, not so hard to find.

    The menu is fairly limited, with about four options for meals, but from 700-950 yen each. The restaurant centers around the chicken dish "Kao man gai," which is written in katakana. There are fried and not fried versions, plus Fried Rice, and Green Curry.

    I felt like spicy, so I went with the Green Curry. Oh yes. I was asked if I wanted 'pakuchi' and asked what that was. The server just brought me some to show me, then I realized, hell yeah, I want cilantro, and lots of it. (THAT'S what it's called in Japanese, oh!)

    There is a set menu as well, and that's what I got. For 400 yen more, I got a drink and desert with my dish. We can also make the meal larger for only 50 yen. They were out of Thai Iced tea unfortunately, but they did have their homemade mango pudding. If you think that sounds awesome, you're right, it is. 

    The spiciness of the curry was perfect with the cilantro which made me really happy, and the mango pudding was sweet and cooled off the spice. I'm looking forward to eating there again, although I might want the same thing.

    I don't think there's an English menu, although a lot of the menu is written in katakana and you might do just fine pointing at pictures.

    There are also locations in Shibuya, Kawasaki, and Namba (Osaka).

    website: http://raan-kaithong-pratunam.jp/

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