Awashima Marine Park

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  • Saitama

    on Dec 15

    Outdoor Aquarium on an island with boat ride

    The first time I visited here I didn't have any children and I still really enjoyed it, more than I expected. I have been back a few times with the kids and enjoyed it even more watching them in awe of all the marine life you can see up close.  It is one of the most fun things to do as a family in the Numazu area of Shizuoka.

    The boat ride over to the island from the mainland adds to the appeal of this small island aquarium. It is a short boat ride and since they closed the old cable car that used to connect the island and mainland, it is now the only way to get to the island. The island itself is probably most famous as a place that the Emperor and Empress stayed. The hotel they stayed in is on the Northern tip of the island in its own gated community. The views from the hotel are spectacular as on a fine day you have an unspoiled view of the sea, the coast and Mt Fuji. You can see Mt Fuji from the aquarium area too. One negative thing I would say is that over the years they have unfortunately added more barriers between some of the sea life and guests of the aquarium, supposedly for safety. However, they have interactive events when you can get a closer look and some of the sea life is still close enough too.

    The staff are friendly and helpful. There is a play area for kids. You can walk the circumference of the island even with small children. There are a couple of eateries and vending machines. It opens 9.30 am to 3.30 pm in the winter.

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