Karuizawa Toy Kingdom

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  • Saitama

    on Dec 13

    Great fun with playrooms and rides for young kids

    Karuizawa Toy Kingdom is an old amusement park, but they have managed to keep it in fashion by reforming and adapting over the years. Their last big "renewal" open was just 3 years ago and we have been a couple of times since. What keeps bringing me back to the Karuizawa Toy Kingdom is the value for money play rooms for children below school age. These play rooms are included in the entry price. They have floor to ceiling of Tomica cars and Plarail trains in one room, in another they have a huge section full of dolls and every conceivable accessory needed to play with dolls. I am talking doll's hoovers, doll's toilets, doll's play hair salon. In the same room, but in a different section they have a great play shopping area with little push along shopping carts and / or shopping baskets that you can fill with plastic play food. There is a baby section in this room with Anpanman toys galore as well as other toys suited to young children. There are a number of different playrooms and they are all close together. Outside in the courtyard in front of these playrooms there is an area with small slides and play houses for small children. There are also Little Tike kids rides. There are changing facilities and a small nursery in this area for babies and toddlers. The facilities are old, but clean. For older children there are some amusement park rides and some go carts as well as an adventure playground. You can pay for a "free pass" ticket which covers some of these rides and the entrance fee. There are other seasonal activities you can enjoy such as snow play in the winter and a splash pool in the summer. The amusement park is open from 10 am to 4 pm from Thursdays to Mondays during the Winter and until 5 pm in the summer. The winter and summer operations are quite different and the park is also more expensive in the summer.

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