Kitain Temple

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  • Saitama

    on Jan 21

    Temple, pagoda, bosatsu, garden of statues, feudal lord's house, playground

    Kitain is of the most popular spots on the tourist bus routes and walking courses for the historic town of Koedo Kawagoe. It is also one of seven temples on a six kilometer pilgrimage to the Seven Lucky Gods of Kawagoe. Apart from the temple, there are a few points of interest in Kitain. Some of the attractions; a pagoda, bosatsu statues, raken garden of statues, a playground, a couple of shops and for history buffs probably the most significant is the house; home to some important national treasures. The period house on the grounds of Kitain protects the only remains of the Edo Castle living quarters, which was once located at the site of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The rooms where moved from the Edo Castle on the order of Shogun Iemitsu, including the room he was born in. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the castle was later destroyed by natural disasters. You have to pay into the house and the raken gardens, but the rest of the attractions are free. You can buy a ticket that allows you entry to both at a discounted price. Kitain is particularly beautiful during cherry blossom and autumn leaf seasons. The garden in Iemitsu's house is breath-taking in Autumn and the main grounds of the temple are stunning in spring. The temple hosts a cherry blossom festival and many stalls set up shop for the occasion. Another time of the year that is very popular is New Years, when thousands visit for New Year celebrations the first week of the New Year, especially on January 3rd when the famous Daruma sale is held.

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