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  • genkidesu

    on Jul 21

    The 100 yen store that feels classy

    When it comes to 100 yen stores, they're all pretty amazing - especially when compared to dollar stores back home. The variety and quality of the products here are awesome for the price. In saying that though, my favorite 100 yen store would have to be Seria. I like to call them "the 100 yen store that doesn't feel like a 100 yen store".

    My former local store had beautiful faux wood floors - super inviting and always clean and orderly looking. I think that in particular, Seria's craft area is pretty great, with loads of great options for those creative pursuits.

    Their dishware is also really nice - we have quite a few bits and pieces from there, and people ask us where we got them because they're so cute - thinking that they were purchased for way more than they actually were. They have locations all over the place, so it should be relatively easy to find a store.



〒190-1203 東京都西多摩郡瑞穂町大字高根623

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