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  • helloalissa

    on Sep 15

    Off House and Hard Off Recycle Shop

    Of all the humorous store names... Part of the Book-Off chain, there are 'eco recycle' chains as well, mostly in smaller cities. There's a Hard Off and Off House combo store in Kurume, and it's the best place for ridiculous Engrish, but not a bad place for furniture and clothes either.

    We went and picked out a table and chairs to have delivered when we moved into town, and while we were there picked out some random dishes we liked for around 50-100 yen each.

    I've found a warm suit jacket there, and recently got part of my Halloween costume for only 300 yen plus tax. Off House has bins full of new, still packaged items, leftovers from the nearby Daiso and the mom & pop stores that have shut down. It's possible to find some vintage socks, still in the package, for about 100 yen. There are also all kinds of fancy handkerchiefs and hand towels plus plenty of new gift boxes with fancy dishes, towels, or bath items. For some reason these are really fun to look through, although I've never bought one. The sad gifts that someone didn't want. Or maybe they're unsold items from another store.

    It's kind of a huge mess at Off House, with stacked up furniture and things lined up ready to be delivered, almost no where to walk. It's still a lot of fun if you're in the mood to look for funny things and get distracted for about an hour. Folding/portable go tables are one of the coolest things I've seen there. If there's something you actually need, chances are you can find it there for cheaper (if you can find it). Tons of musical instruments, household goods, dishes, and even kimono for super cheap.

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