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Miu's Cafe

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  • edthethe

    Mui's Cafe , funky cute cafe

    Price: 1000 yen

    With gumballs and retro chairs, the decor alone is enough to entice someone out to this small cafe. I stumbled(literally) across it while taking a walk to the base of Mt.Fuji. Starving and little lost, like a scene from a fairy tale, I came across this cafe. The staff were friendly but didn't engage in too much conversation with me. I think they were shocked by seeing a foreigner walk into the cafe. The menu looked delightful and what I ordered tasted how it looked. It's a fairly healthy menu and average cafe prices, so expect 1000en plus 400 for a drink. They are dog friendly, and I believe there is a dog run nearby. The cafe is unfortunately a bit of a hike from any public transportation, but if you own a car and love cafes, this is one to check out. It was memorable enough for me to take a photo of the business card just in case  I am ever in the area again.


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