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  • Saitama

    Good for okaeshi gift sets, but toys more expensive than other chain toy stores

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    This branch of Akachan Honpo in the small suburban mall of Wakaba Walk is the only baby store around so it enjoys a good trade. However, if you are in the position to commute to another baby store it is probably well worth it, as the mark up on Akachan Honpo goods is more than other baby stores such as Babiesrus or Nishimatsuya. 

    That being said, for locals this is a convenient branch. They sell everything you need for a newborn baby including nappies, wipes, bottles, car seats, bassinets, cots, clothes, dribblers, shoes, toys, gauze, baby blankets... the list goes on. They also have the equivalent for toddlers. I have found it difficult to get clothes sizes past 90 cm though and a lot of their clothes are small fitting. Their toys and books are similarly for a younger market. They have some facilities for babies such as a nursing room which has a hot water pot. There is also nappy changing facilities and they have a weighing scales and measuring board so you can check your baby's progress. There are some sample toys laid out in the store for kids to play with and they also have a small soft padded area suited to children under three, with some toys out for the kids to enjoy. They have a maternity section in this branch too which sells clothes, underwear and necessities for pregnant and birthing Moms. What I personally use this shop for most is their okaeshi (return gift for a gift you receive when a baby is born) gift sets. 

    This branch opens from 10 am to 9 pm seven days a week. Parking is shared with Wakaba Walk. The first hour is free, but you can validate for up to three hours with purchases of over a 1000 yen. 


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