The Mall Nagamachi

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  • MamaKiyota

    on Oct 29

    Large shopping mall with a ton of things to do!

    The Mall Nagamachi is quite large, consisting of two three story buildings filled with a variety of stores, activity areas, and restaurants. LaLa Garden is also connected to The Mall, so the two are usually considered a set. 

    Going to the Mall is never boring due to variety of shops and food. They have everything from clothes, to groceries, to household goods, and even pets. The Mall also has a small arcade and a decent sized movie theater. Among the most popular destinations within The Mall are stores like GU, Comme Ca Ism, Eddie Bauer, Baby Doll, the Disney Store, Seria, and Pet Eco. Of course there are also many others!

    There are also plenty of facilities for those with small children, including breastfeeding rooms and diaper changing areas. Elevators are also easy to find so strollers and wheelchairs are not a problem either.

    The Mall is also home to SEIYU, a supermarket that is owned by WalMart. They do offer many items at low prices and "price lock" certain items in much the same way they do at WalMart in the US. You'll even find the familiar WalMart "spark" on their eco shopping bags.

    Parking at The Mall is also plentiful, and cheap. The first 3 hours are free, but we've stayed for over 3 hours before and not had to pay, so I'm not exactly sure what the deal is with that.