Adachi Coffee

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  • helloalissa

    on Jun 8

    From Seed to Cup

    Adachi Coffee is a high end small chain of cafes that roasts their beans in house. That being said, the Kurume store is in a nicer neighborhood and filled with upper middle class people, because it's more expensive than McDonalds or even Starbucks for a cup of coffee. The price for a French press cup (at least 250ml in a sturdy mug, but I think it was around 300ml) in store was 430 yen. There are samples set up to try different coffees that they carry, including the cold press coffee, which was so sweet and smooth! I tried it after ordering, but it made me wish I had ordered that instead of a hot coffee. There are plenty of coffee related products for sale as well as their fresh roasted beans. There are some sweets for sale too, but I didn't see anyone eating them. The store was fairly crowded after lunch time and there isn't a ton of seating because it's not as big as most coffee shops. Because of this, you wouldn't want to stay for a long time, plus there's no free wi-fi. I'd love to go again, but it would have to be for a special occasion because of the price. I've gotten used to making coffee at home to save money, but even buying their beans to do that is quite a lot more expensive than the regular supermarket ground coffee. http://www.adachicoffee.com/

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