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  • helloalissa

    on Oct 23

    Fancy Spa-Like Clinic

    I had started treatments for something in the US and wanted to continue while living in Japan, so I researched a little and found a convenient clinic to use. I chose Bliss because of an interview I found online with one of the owners, Michele, a nurse who is American. She was born in the US, but studied in Japan and married a Japanese man, who happens to be the doctor in the clinic. He's also quite good at English, and as the nurse had her day off the first time I went, he used English with me most of the time. Everything was explained thoroughly in true Japanese fashion. I felt a little safer going to Bliss knowing I could get a native explanation for things if needed.

    Bliss wasn't the cheapest option, but seemed more professional and fancy, plus the option to use English helps a lot. Their website was easy to get info from, they offer a lot of different services and procedures (from plastic surgery and age spot removal to IV treatments), and the office is extremely clean. It's set up to be really comfortable for women with a spa sort of feeling. There is a Kurig coffee maker in the lobby and staff will make you a coffee if you ask. I thought that was a nice touch as this is something that has become popular in doctors' offices and clinics in the US. There are also some reading materials like womens' magazines and free papers, all in Japanese. I have some anxiety about calling to make appointments in Japanese, but honestly, it only takes a minute and isn't bad. Appointments can also be made by email from their website. Staff working at Bliss speak clearly and confirm everything, but don't try speaking in English just because they know I'm not Japanese. Some of the staff are good at listening in English and I know they have other foreign clients.

    My procedure went well with good results, and I was asked to stop by in several weeks to have the doctor take a look and make sure it was healing properly. Instructions in Japanese and English were provided with ointment and special tape for the aftercare. I was able to meet the nurse on my second visit and chat about the procedure. She had heard I came in before and took some extra time to introduce herself and ask about my life in Japan. I was happy with the services although they're a bit expensive.

    Bliss is about five minutes on foot from Nishitetsu Yakuin Station – the medical center of Fukuoka. It's easy to find, near a shotengai, in the Tengood building on the third floor.



810-0005 Fukuoka, Chuo-ku, Kiyokawa 1-9-20 3F Tengood Bldg.

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