Patisserie Mignon

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  • helloalissa

    on Feb 19

    Cute, Beautiful, Delicious!

    One of my students told me her favorite place in town for cakes is Mignon. I misunderstood because there's a place by the same name in Fukuoka City which is known for croissants, but this Mignon is close to Nishitetsu Ogori Station.

    I saw their advertisement in the station which had a little map showing how to get there from the station, super smart. After work, I made a little time to stop by, maybe get something cute for the husband as it was the day after Valentines. (They had their own chocolates which had been discounted as it was the day after Valentine's Day, but I passed on those.)

    The entrance has a tiny seating area and is charming to invite in customers. It was a warm day but the front area was still very shady.

    Inside there were a lot of packaged cookies, like what you can find in any patisserie. In addition to several sizes of boxed chocolates made there, the fridge case was full of beautiful cakes.

    I couldn't rationalize just getting chocolates. The item I chose was a pudding with whipped cream and fruit on top, in a little pink and red ceramic cup with a black cat sitting by. It says, "Toi et Moi" which is just cute and romantic (you & me). Everything else was tempting, but I guess I wanted to get the cute ceramic cup to keep. 

    I asked about taking it home, because it was getting warm outside and I was about thirty minutes away. I was reassured (in Japanese) that with ice in the box it would be fine for a couple hours. The pudding was packaged up with three ice packs and only lost a bit of composure on the way home. 

    Lucky me, my husband was nice enough to share. It was really yummy as I guess I've only had mass produced supermarket pudding before. A nice special treat. This would be fun place to go share something while sitting on the porch outside the shop.

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