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  • helloalissa

    on Jan 13

    Sort of like 'Train Door,' but looks more French

    Right outside the ticket gates of Tosu station, there's a bakery cafe called Traindor, fitting as it's sort of like Train Door, but looks more French. It looks like the company is a chain in Kyushu (and Yamaguchi Prefecture) with lots of locations near JR stations. I think I've seen a location in Tenjin as well. I thought I'd pick up some dessert after work, and I really wanted to try their 'kabocha tart' which looks like pumpkin pie, but made with Japanese pumpkins. I also got 'ki no mi caramel cake' just because that sounded good as well. Sort of a dense nutty cake, and although it said 1/4th of a cake, it's a very small piece, maybe from an 8-10 cm cake. They were packaged up nicely for me as I said I'd be taking them home, but there is a small seating area in the shop. The space is shared with some sort of sports wear shop, which just has a tiny corner of the space. When we opened up the bag at home, the tart was still in good shape, still super glossy on top. Even after a big dinner, we were excited to taste them and I made some hot green tea to drink with the cakes. The kabocha tart was not at all the same as an American pumpkin pie, as I expected, but it was sort of close. The texture was different and it wasn't as sweet, but it did have almost the same spice combo that is so popular with pumpkin pies. I think it was lacking sweetened condensed milk, but it wasn't trying to be a pumpkin pie after all. The crust was similar, although heavier and not crispy or flaky like the ones made with shortening. The caramel nut cake was really tasty. It was sweet but not much, and more like a heavy bread texture than the typical sponge cakes in Japan. It was nice for a change. I might have to stop by Traindor again when I'm in the area.

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