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  • smallbigjapan

    A Cultural Experience Programme

    Tokyo Traditions is aimed at providing cultural experiences that are traditional to foreigners / expacts who live Japan. As most foreigners only come to visit because of anime and manga, they may not be culturally aware of the other greatnesses that Japan has.

    In order to promote the more traditional aspects of Japan, the Arts Council Tokyo has set up Tokyo Traditions. They offer a bilingual service that is of a high standard, and they hold various cultural experience programs over Tokyo. 

    Recently I took part in two of their experience programmes in Harajuku at the MOSHI MOSHI BOX. I pre booked my slot on these two programmes. It was a very easy experience. I was even allowed to film for my travel Vlog!

    Whilst there I was fully immersed in learning how to make lanterns and how to weave bamboo. The best part is taking the end result away with you. I took away a lantern on which I had painted tsuki (moon) and hikari (light) which makes the word gekko (moonlight), and two coasters that I had weaved from bamboo. The lessons are not overly complicated, as we are complete beginners, but the sensei (teacher) will always assist and give advice and help. There is always a translator nearby.

    The English services are excellent and the price is extremely cheap for what you are actually paying for. A cultural immersion lesson with use of materials, bilingual translation, and a finished product to take home. 

    The staff are very happy, and are keen to help you. You may even get interviewed! I did!

    Anybody who lives or visits in Japan can take part. I would highly recommend it. For more information about their art program please visit their website!


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