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KOJIMA x BIC Camera in Natori's Aeon Mall



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  • JTsuzuki

    Good For Basics, Lacks Yodobashi Size; Selection

    If you happen to find yourself in Natori at the big Aeon Mall and realize that you need some piece of electronic equipment, such as a computer, phone, television or camera, these things can be acquired at Kojima x BIC Camera in the mall.

    Most Sendai residents who might take the train out to this mall would also pass by a much larger electronics store on the way to the station-- Yodobashi Camera, across from Sendai Station's east exit. That location offers a larger selection of most things, including computer and video games as well as children's toys. That said, the Kojima store is well laid out and clearly marked, with signage in multiple languages with pictures on the floor, directing customers toward their prospective purchases without the need for human interference.

    Should you require assistance, the staff we met were helpful, though we did not test their English language skills. So if you are in the area and need a little something, this is not a bad choice, but if you're planning a major electronics expenditure, check out some other places first.


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