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Cafe Veloce Hakata Station Chikushi Exit Store

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  • helloalissa

    The fast food version of cafes

    Price: 590 yen

    This chain cafe is the fast food version of cafes, with locations all over Hakata, but more affordable than Starbucks. Before I had stopped by during lunch hour and this huge location was way too crowded, but I was able to go a little earlier and it wasn't so bad that day. There's a massive smoking area in the back, well ventilated (but still I wouldn't sit too close to the entrance), and plenty of bar and table seating.

    From 200 yen blend coffee to pastries and sandwiches, it's perfect for a coffee and dessert or a light meal.

    I needed lunch and thought I'd try the hot blend coffee and a hot sandwich. They have a few hot sandwiches, but they are more prepared ahead of time and heated before serving. I got a ham and camembert cheese, on lightly toasted mini-baguette. It wasn't exactly like France, but going for that feeling. I was hoping for a little more hot and melty, but it wasn't bad. Coffee was good.

    This works perfectly for limited time lunch breaks or spending a little longer for working on a project in the cafe. The staff runs everyone through smoothly which gives the fast food or food court feeling.

    There are a few food items I didn't get that look decent, and I was entertained by the peanut butter sandwiches and jelly sandwiches, but not both together. I guess that's strictly American. High score for convenience, but quality and price are fairly standard. Not much of an atmosphere if that's what you go for in a cafe.


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