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  • Tomuu

    No fuss, cheap and fast hair cuts

    Price: 1000 yen

    Cut Factory is a short walk down one of the side streets that branch out of Urayasu Station (Tozai Line).  

    For some reason (and I don't know why), Urayasu is stocked full of hair salons, most of which look quite fancy or bohemian.  Cut Factory is definitely not one of those.  This is salt-of-the-earth hair cutting.  Plain and simple.  

    When you go in, you'll see a super cramped waiting area (there are chairs for people to wait outside, too).  In front of this is a touch-screen panel through which you place your order.  It's all in Japanese.  Struggle for long enough with this, and one of the staff will come over and do it for you.  I come here for a cut only, which costs 1,080 yen (money into the ticket machine).  

    The cuts here are those 10-min jobs so don't expect anything fancy.  There are 3 'cutting stations' here, each of which had a place on which you can put any bags that you may have with you.  The cuts are done efficiently, and the chances are rather than being asked specifically what style you want, you'll just be given a shorter version of what you go in with!  That's fine for people like me, who hate getting their rug cut and just want it over and done with as quickly (and cheaply) as possible.  In this regard, Cut Factory takes some beating.  I also really like the use of a kind of vacuum cleaner type device that they run though your hair at the end, to suck up and loose strands.  

    The staff here aren't freaked out by foreigners but it's unclear whether or not they can understand English (I wouldn't bank on it).  

    Once again, in my experience, this place is really 'no frills', but they get the job done, you don't have to engage in chat, and you can be out of there pretty fast.  Perfect for some!


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