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  • edthethe

    Kiryu portion of a more extensive hike

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    The beginning of the trail starts a Azuma park. You can get here using train and walk about 10 mins from Nishi kiryu station or about 15 minutes from Kiryu station. I highly recommend buying water at a conbini before coming to the park. There are no fountains or vending machines. They do have nice bathrooms at the entrance. There is also car parking here. The walk to the park is very quick about 5 mins before getting onto the trail. There is some moderate climbing up rocks to a small rock called kites peak, where you can have a lovely view of Kiryu city. Up to this point, it is a very easy climb and even small children can come if supervised. I've done it is ballerina flats.

    Going further up the trail and closer to the peak of Azuma-yama, the rocks get sharper and itis a bit steeper, but still very accessible for beginners. The hike to the top from the trail entrance takes about 45 mins. You can also go further from here to a second peak, but it is less scenic. And if you continue to follow the trail, it continues for another 12 km. (narukami/azuma trail)


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