Cafe de Hiraoka

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  • helloalissa

    on Feb 7

    heartful collage

    Near a tiny station in Ogori, but most likely accessed by car or by local pedestrians, Cafe de Hiraoka proclaims, "heartful college" under their store name, but I'm not sure what that means. I saw the place on a map and thought it would be good in the event that I was going to have to wait 30 minutes or more for a train. Sometimes I just like a nice coffee break. Cafe de Hiraoka is a full on cafe, as in lunch sort of restaurant, with a new "Cafe Menu Renewal" available as of November 2016. Not only do they have boloungerie style breads, they also carry patisserie style sweets (roll cake, macarons, and cakes), coffee, and an Italian themed menu (pasta, pizza, and lasagna). Obviously designed for women's taste, the wide seating area was closed up for winter, but I imagine on warm sunny days the windows are opened up to create an indoor / outdoor patio seating set up. Open from 10-17:00, seems like a nice leisurely place to get your lunch with a friend. I grabbed a couple tasty looking breads after sampling the croissants and took them to go. First off was a basic an-pan, nothing too fancy and tasted great (although it was for my husband - I just had a taste). Next was kinako mochi, two words that I really like, even more together. It looked like a rice flour based roll with a sprinkling of kinako, which would have made me happy enough. Inside was a surprise crunchy kinako paste and gooey mochi. The outside bread was more standard bread, maybe without rice flour. This is one I'd get again. But the desserts. Even in January they were all set for Valentine's day with their super cute heart cake with a heart shaped strawberry slice. Looking forward to that excuse to go try more.

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