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Uoshins - Seafood Izakaya Restaurant

Avg: 4000 yen
FrontSteam fish and shellGrilled FishFried shrimp tempuraSoy sauce eye with sea urchin and salmon eggsGrilled fishPepper and salt for tempuraGrilled sea urchin rice ball


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  • KevinC

    Best Seafood Izakaya to bring your friends and family when they are visiting Japan

    Price: 4000 yen

    When my friends or family come to visit me in Japan, they usually want to visit izakaya to experience the Japanese culture. I personally think that most of the izakaya only serves expensive appetizers for drinking, so it is hard to recommend it to anyone.

    Except this hidden izakaya located in a small alley at Shibuya, their appetizers are not expensive, taste good and very unique. You will never find it in other places.

    They are very busy at night, so make sure to call them and reserve your table.


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