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Okegawa Children's Park

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  • Saitama

    Great for toddlers with unusual play equipment

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    As the name suggests; this is a park for children! It really is just a very large playground with some running space and there isn't much there to cater for any other market. What I like most about it is the area for small children. 

    While older children might tire of this park quite quickly, I find it is quite engaging for small children. Mainly toddlers or preschoolers. The area dedicated to small children has a sand pit with some unusual play equipment in it. There is a giant whale that they climb on with a bridge made out of tyres connecting it to a cement boat. There are stepping stones in the sand pit too. There is a large cement slide that lands in the sand pit. That has a tunnel under it and some climbing on the back of it. Beside this area are some giant toadstools and a table with shelter in the shape of a mushroom. The shelter of these mushrooms provide the only protection from the sun in this area. Most of it is exposed to the elements so it can get very hot in summer and you would be blown away on a windy day as the park is atop a hill. For older children there are quite a few climbing areas and a uniquely shaped cement building with two slides coming out of it.

    Parking is free, but limited and quite tricky to find. It is a small narrow turn you would almost miss. They have put in pedestrian lights recently near the entrance to the car park, so look out for them and hopefully you'll spot the entrance.  It is opposite the convenience store. The park has vending machines and a public phone. 


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