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Wanpaku Land Maruhiro

Avg: 500 yen
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  • Saitama

    Great views from ferris wheel on the roof of prestigious department store

    Price: 500 yen

    Maruhiro is continuously upgrading and improving their facilities and interior design. However, I don't think they've touched the roof, where Wanpaku Land is, since it opened almost 70 years ago. The amusement area on the roof may have had a few licks of paint over the years, but it looks very dated in spite of it. 

    There are a few fun elements to the amusement area, especially for toddlers and to lesser extent preschoolers. The ferris wheel is small, but it is safe and takes just the right length of time to rotate for a small child. There are some great views from the carriage, although as it is completely caged it is hard to get a good photo of Kawagoe from the sky. The ferris wheel is free for children under 6 and if you pick up a voucher at one of the cash registers on the 6th floor an adult can ride it for just 100 yen. There is a small roller coaster for small children on beside the ferris wheel. Again it is free for children under 6. It costs 300 yen for adults which is a bit of a rip off, but the view is worth it. There are other rides in the area of the roof too. There is a small section inside with games, rides, UFO catchers and slot machines for kids. The area is free to enter, but you need to pay for each machine. The games and rides inside are reasonably priced. 

    Parking for Wanpaku Land is shared with Maruhiro and is charged. Unlike shopping at one of the many brand counters in the store, you can't get your parking validated as you don't get a receipt for putting coins in the machines. It is close to Kawagoe and Hon-Kawagoe stations.


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