Higashimatsuyama Swimming School

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  • Saitama

    on Aug 27

    Beautiful cherry trees + cleanest pool water in Saitama

    There are 2 swimming schools in Higashimatsuyama with the same name. This one is easy to recognise from its brightly coloured detached building with a rainbow motif. The school buses are also brightly painted with a rainbow on the side. No English support, but plenty of staff and all quite friendly and helpful.

    My kids really love it here. The high ceilings and glass walls on 2 sides with the large rainbow motif in the centre wall do a lot to calm the most nervous of children. The colourful rainbow mosaic and bright airy space creates a comfortable setting for children. The changing rooms are clean and colourful and spacious enough. There are lockers with keys and open lockers for storing your belongings. There is a sauna in the women's changing room. There are ports for a hair dryer, but you need to bring your own. There are vending machines selling drinks and ice-cream on the 2nd floor in the spacious viewing area.  The school claims to have the cleanest water in Saitama. Its reasonably priced and they often have campaigns for zero yen entry fee (without this campaign it costs a month's fee to sign up). My main complaint about this swimming school, is there are 8 kids to 1 teacher in the preschool class, which I think is too much for young beginners. In the elementary school age group there are even more. It averages about 12 to one instructor. Depending on the instructor sometimes kids spend almost as much time out of water as they do in it.

    The pool opens Monday to Saturday for classes. The classes are at set times depending on age group. There are 2 periods for preschoolers and 2 for primary school aged children. Children of school going age can sign up to use the swimming school bus, for a fee. There is no public bus stop near the school. By car: it is off route 407. There is plenty of free parking. One of the car parks is beside the school's lake with beautiful cherry blossom trees.

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