Bank Book Bar

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  • Bella

    on Nov 24

    A Classy-Western Ambiance in the Heart of Yonezawa

    On weekend nights, Izakayas has been a staple when hanging out with your friends in Japan. Everybody just wants a nice cold beer or cocktails, and just chill out. But sometimes you just want to go to a place that reminds you of home, especially when you are feeling homesick. With its chic atmosphere and good food, BANK BOOK BAR instantly entered my list of top favorite restaurants and bars. Also known as BBB, my friend told me that its location used to be a BANK, then a BOOKSTORE, and lastly a BAR, hence the name. Unlike izakaya’s, it’s quite spacious and you don’t need to worry about being a SECONDHAND SMOKER. Its western interior gives me flashbacks of the places where I used to drink with my friends at home. FOOD: Mouth-watering food that is reasonably priced, no complaints! Plus, most of their staff is good looking! What more could you ask for? RECOMMENDATION: 1. Thick Diced Beef Steak (with fried potatoes) – 1,280 yen 2. Vegetable Ham Salad- 780 yen 3. Shrimp Ajillo (or any of the ajillo on their list)- 680 yen 4. Beef Steak and Foiegras Rossini- 1,680 yen 5. Yonezawa Think Diced Beek Steak (It’s a must try!)- 980 yen *If you want to go to binge drinking, better go to an Izakaya or a cheaper beer. BBB is quite fancy and it’s more of a low key celebration, like a date or if you just want to have a relaxing night out with your friends or family.

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