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Starbucks Coffee Narita International Aiport Terminal 2

Avg: 350 yen
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  • Saitama

    Rendezvous and information point with a Starbucks

    Price: 350 yen

    I am actually not sure if this is a Starbucks with a rendezvous and information point or the other way round! But I would guess it is a meeting point with a Starbucks. Rather than a large Starbucks sign on the front of the space, they have the signs marking the space as a meeting point.

    This branch in the landside area of Terminal 2 departures (before security) has free wifi as well as free battery charging for all sorts of devices. I don't think you have to buy anything to use the charging points. They also have a work-space suitable to laptops and larger devices. They even have computers that you can pay to use. The chairs and tables are quite different to most of the Starbucks I have been, there are no low tables and armchairs or any wooden furniture that I saw. But they are bright and clean and fit in with the space. The seats are plastic, but they are surprisingly comfortable. The selection of food and drink is fairly standard. But one cool feature is you can buy limited design Starbucks mug cups, tumblers and thermos bottles. They have the design of particular (famous) regions in Japan that you can keep as a souvenir of your visit to Japan.  The staff are very friendly and helpful. I asked the lady serving us did she speak English and she answered that she didn't in English! I think they have enough English to help you place an order. 

    The branch is open from 7 am to 9.30 pm seven days a week.


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