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  • Beautiful Wedding Photos

    After our wedding in my home country we wanted to take some Japanese-style wedding photos in Japan. We were searching for a long time what photo studio we should take for this and in the end we decided to go to Studio Aqua in Yokohama. They offer many different plans for shootings outside and inside. For sure outside would have been great, but since it was summer and pretty hot, we decided for an inside shooting and their wonderful "Japanese Garden House Studio". When taking a look on the photos it looks like you were outside, but actually you are in a well air-conditioned room. At the studio they have a big selection of kimono, however, they all of their prices. The one I choose had a renting fee of ¥ 70,000. Together with all other extras, in the end we payed around ¥ 150,000 for our shooting, dressing, make-up & hair-do and getting all the photos on a data CD. Quite expensive, but the photos look very professional and for sure, you don't do a photoshooting such this every year. The staff member were pretty nice. Most doesn't speak English, but they tried a lot to communicate with me and my poor Japanese. Even when I felt dizzy while the shooting everyone was there to help me quickly. I can really recommand them! Website: https://www.studioaqua-yokohama.jp/



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