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Grandma Sara's Kitchen

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  • Saitama

    Come for the food, stay for the decor!

    Price: 1000 yen

    Located in Disneyland's smallest themed area, Critter Country, in Tokyo Disneyland, Sara Grandma's is a haven for Splash Mountain fans. Normally, it is quite hard to spot as it really does look like a part of Splash Mountain, but right now it is easy to find due to the netting on the exterior, to mask the renovations going on underneath. The restaurant is open for business as normal, but the toilets are currently off limits. 

    The menu isn't particularly extensive, but there is a fair enough selection. They have children's meals. They are currently offering themed food and commemoration plates from Frozen. I feel a few of Disney eateries are not worth the hiked prices, but this is one that, in my honest opinion, is. The taste is certainly mediocre for what you pay, but it is worth it for the overall experience. The decor is fabulous. And as much as the outside looks like part of Splash Mountain, the inside completely matches the Critter Country theme. My one complaint is that it is too dark. I know they have it like that to fit with the overall image, but it is tiring to sit in practical darkness and near on impossible to get a good photo with an iPad!

    The restaurant is counter service. You order at at till where you pay up front, then you move to the counter to wait for your food. It takes a few minutes. They don't have someone to help with carrying your trays to your table, so you have to go back and forth if you have a lot of trays. There are seats for 530 people, but it is not enough around lunch time when the wait is often an hour long. There are a few tables for larger families or big groups. 


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