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  • helloalissa

    on Jan 9

    Shrine and Oniyo Festival

    We finally went to Tamataregu in Daizenji Neighborhood for the Oniyo Festival. Other than the transportation there and any food or tokens you might want, it's free to enter. You will have to battle the crowds and cold if you go for the festival, but it's worth it. You will see the shrine right after a red pedestrian bridge, a five minute walk north of Daizenji Station from the west exit. A beautiful old shrine with carved wooden structures, Tamataregu is most famous for the Oniyo festival. On the night of January 7th every winter, men volunteer to wear traditional loincloths (sometimes in the rain) to run around with torches and light giant torches moved around with a ton of 'pokers' like a strange bonfire. Other than during the festival, Daizenji is a rural and quiet area. I don't think we even saw any convenience stores there, but there are mom & pop stores near the station.

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