Petitdelirium Tap Cafe Shinjuku

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  • hellonihon

    on Feb 1

    Delirium Tremens beer bar

    I've always been a fan of Delirium Tremens beer. It's one of my favorite off the shelves brews, so when I found out they had a bar where I could get DT on tap, I was so excited to check it out! It was cold when we went, but thankfully my group of 4 got the last inside table. They had some seats outside but those did not look pleasant at all. However, we were right against the door so not only were people constantly bumping into us to pay, we kept getting a draft every time the door opened. This was already a huge negative start. The waitress was either not into her job, or she was very new because the service was really bad. We eventually got our menus (not before asking twice) and we chose quickly. I got a sparkling sangria and no food. Thankfully, the drinks were out quickly. The sangria was really good, but didn't taste very alcoholic. The Delirium Tremens was what I was excited to taste, though. And I was so disappointed when I finally tasted it. Firstly, there was WAY too much of a head. I mean, look at the picture in the gallery! The bartender did not know how to pour. But the taste is what bothered me more. I couldn't believe that the beer tasted better from the bottle than it did as a draft. For the price, it was no more expensive than an average priced bar in the area. Though, for the ambiance, it was far below average. I don't think I'll be back here ever again, now that I know that I can pick up a bottle from the store and get a better experience.

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