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  • Saitama

    Free community children's play center

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    Kodomo No Shiro or children's castle in Ageo is rightfully the most famous free community children's center in Ageo, probably Saitama, as it is a mega center with lots to offer. This center Appiland pales in comparison, but it is still better than most in the surrounding cities. It is a very popular and very decent free center with plenty for the kids to enjoy. 

    It is an unusual shape meaning that the 1st floor play areas are quite small and open plan. They have a hall that is a very good size and you can play sports in. Upstairs they have a great play room with giant block like construction pieces for making all manner of things. Sometimes this room is closed though and when it does open it closes for the day earlier than the rest of the building. I think it is 4 pm.  You can bring your own food and eat lunch in a dedicated area at a specific time. They have some really good events for parents and children on each month. Their website gives the details of each month's events.

    It is open from 9 am to 6 pm most days, but they do take one or two days off a month. It is usually the third Tuesday of the month. There is free parking for about 30 cars, but it is always crowded and on a weekend it is very common to have to wait to park if you arrive after 9 am. There is nowhere else nearby to park.


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