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Viva La My Wife

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  • KpQuePasa

    Viva La My Wife

    Price: 5000 yen

    My husband stumbled upon Viva one day on a walk near our house. He popped his head in and said “Hey, this looks new, are you open?” And wouldn’t you know it, that was Viva La My Wife’s opening night.

    A small counter-style restaurant, Viva can comfortably sit 8-11 people at a time, who are invited to watch in awe as Chef and Owner Yuhi prepares your food fresh to order while chatting you up from the full kitchen behind the counter.  

    Yuhi is a careful chef who creates a new menu selection to reflect what he can find locally and fresh at the market each day. The fare is European in style (as Yuhi trained abroad), but offers a bit of a Japanese flair now and again. And honestly, I don’t think we’ve ever ordered off of the menu. Your best bet is to ask Yuhi what he recommends, watch his eyes light up, and then watch him go to work. I have yet to eat anything there that wasn’t immediately the best thing I’ve ever eaten, and we eat there… oh roughly once a week.

    Yuhi does not speak much English, but he understands some, and is patient while we work back and forth to communicate. We’ve introduced Viva to all our friends and it’s their favorite now too. Most notably, when we’ve had guests with dietary restrictions (allergies to shell fish, gluten sensitivity), Yuhi has relished the challenge of creating menu items that let everyone enjoy the food safely. 

    It’s obvious I’m quite a fan of Viva. But not just because the food is amazing (though believe me, it is). I love Viva because Yuhi is so passionate about making good food and providing a great experience. In fact, we went there for my husband’s birthday party last year, and Yuhi went above and beyond to serve a birthday cake… with MY HUSBAND’S FACE piped in chocolate on the top! Viva La My Wife never ceases to amaze.


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