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Nagoya/ Boston Museum of Fine Arts

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  • KpQuePasa

    Renoir, Monet, Vangogh, Oh My!

    Price: 1300 yen

    Last weekend The Mister and I trekked out to the Nagoya/ Boston Museum of Fine Arts, located just outside the south exit of the Kanayama station. The museum actually begins on the 3rd floor, but the signage is all clear and the staff very helpful in helping you navigate up to the entry to the exhibit hall. We went to see their current installation, “City Life/ Country Life,” as they had Renoir, Monet, and VanGogh pieces... and you just don’t pass that up.

    The exhibit was IMPECCABLY curated; the pieces carefully placed to create a timeline and story as one walks through the two floors - though the signage was mostly in Japanese, I felt comfortable navigating the exhibit without the English headphone tour-guide set (though that is an option for only 500 yen).  

    The Nagoya/ Boston Museum of Fine Arts is, obviously, a sister Museum to the Boston Museum of Fine arts, and as such, has a constantly rotating collection to exhibit. Though there does not appear to be a permanent exhibit, I almost like the idea that one won’t ever see the same thing twice.


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