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Nagoya Maritime Museum

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  • KpQuePasa

    Nagoya Maritime Museum

    Price: 2400 yen


    The Maritime Museum of Nagoya is located at Nagoya Harbor, next to the Nagoya Aquarium and the Permanent Arctic Expedition Vessel Exhibit. For 2400¥ a person you can snag a ticket to all three for the day. I will be honest, a Maritime Museum is not something I would have pictured myself really getting a kick out of - I went because my husband is in the US Navy and he was SUPER interested so… you know you just can’t say no to those kind of puppy-dog eyes. But you know what? With little to no Japanese language skills, we had a blast. The Museum is a very hands on facility, with multiple activities to really immerse you in the learning. I watched a miniature ship-yard load shipping containers onto a freighter and navigate out of the bay. I played a video-game simulation against my husband as a dolphin trying to find their way out of a busy harbor. We paged through a few picture books (admittedly for kids, but simple enough Japanese for us to understand) about boats and ships. And my husband even tried this simulator that made you the captain of a freighter getting out of the harbor. This was by far my favorite part of the place, both because it was VERY realistic (I got a bit sea-sick as my husband whipped the steering wheel back and forth), and also because the volunteer facilitator of the simulator kept pointing at the screen and shouting at my husband “Oh, Crash, Crash!” which cracked me up to no end.

    You’ll need to get in the doors before 4:30, as the place closes at 5 and the stop admitting new guests a half hour before close… this made our day a bit rushed at the end to make sure we got to see all the places on our special tickets, so go early in the day if you plan to get the 3-part pass.


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