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  • KpQuePasa

    on Jul 26

    Mori Cafe - Owl Cafe

    Whoo (ha, see what I did there?) doesn’t love owls? Or at the very least, who wouldn’t be intrigued when they hear “there is a cafe where you can sit with several different domesticated owls, and if you’re brave you can even hold one”?

    I dig owls a lot, so when I wandered past a sign advertising “Mori Cafe Nagoya” last fall, I knew I had found my own personal diamond in the rough.  

    Mori Cafe is a bright and clean cafe that sits on the 4th floor of a narrow business building in Sakae. Upon entering, guests are greeted with the sight of a large tree sculpture, boasting 4-5 different large owl species, a floor to ceiling window the birds can watch out of, and a “fence railing” where several owls of smaller types roost. Shop staff is friendly and welcoming, and explained that you can pay to visit the cafe by the hour. Coffees were included in the price, and were self-serve from a coffee vending machine in the back corner. Pictures were encouraged, but no flash. And if you really liked one of the birds, you could wear a falconry glove and have that bird perch on your arm for a few moments at the end of your visit.  

    Pictures and profiles detailing the Owls’ names, species, and birthday are hung on the walls. The staff make rounds to interact with each of the birds - it is clear from the coos and clicks the birds give them as staff play with feather toys, or snuggle them with blankets that the birds are not just well-maintained, but that the staff truly cares about the owls, and the owls truly like the staff.

    Now, nestled in the corner of the shop is their most notable staff owl- the Snowy Owl Shiro-tama. However I can’t deny that the two owls who always make me smile are tiny owl Mu, and Torimochi, the Barn owl. Tori is too beautiful and always looks a bit like she’s smiling and I just want her to be my best friend.

    If you’re in Nagoya and you’d like to see an owl up close, I can’t recommend Mori Cafe enough. And make sure to pick up a “frequent flyer” card - I’m only one visit away from a free trip to the cafe myself!



4th Floor, 3 Chome−25−43, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi-ken, 〒460-0008

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