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  • helloalissa

    Good Haircuts for a Good Price

    Price: 1080 yen

    Rather than a more expensive salon, I decided to get my summer haircut at one of the 1000 yen chains. There’s a little mall called SunLive near JR Minami Kurume Station, and the salon is inside.

    There is a chain called QB in Japan which is known for their ten minute 1000 yen haircuts, but this place is the same price but without the limited time. A normal haircut with tax is 1080 yen, not including a wash or style, but including blow drying.

    I had to wait about fifteen minutes, but sometimes there is no one waiting. There was a list to write my name (everyone used their family name in katakana) and mark the service I wanted.

    There was a quick consult about what I wanted and ongoing questions about the details. I grabbed one of the hair books to show a few examples of what I was going for, plus confirmed I wanted a trim and the layers thinned out for the summer.

    Compared with the more expensive salons, this haircut was faster because I didn’t get a fancy head massage and shampoo. (That’s super nice, but hardly worth 2000 yen more.) The actual haircut time was probably slightly longer. I think it was around thirty minutes.

    The stylist spent a lot of time thinning out my thick hair and I think the quality of the haircut was better than at the more expensive salon. As usual, I got the questions about how long I’ve been in Japan, what I do for work, etc. and the stylist was friendly but not annoying.

    I walked away with a much lighter feeling hairstyle, perfect for the summer.


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