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  • KpQuePasa

    on Jul 26

    A Giant Helping of Customer Service

    My husband and I knew we were moving over to Japan to join a much more active lifestyle - city life lends itself to walking between train stations and biking to nearby sites. Particularly in the summer, when you compare a bike ride with a nice breeze in your face to a train ride with your face in someone else’s armpit B.O.

    Of course, with this knowledge, The Mister insisted on shipping his Giant brand bicycle over to Japan. Over time, this has brought a few complications; namely, it has no registration number in the Japanese bike system, and it’s an American brand, so I can’t just wheel it over to the nearest Aeon Bike for general maintenance and repairs.

    After his back-tire literally exploded one day, we finally put int he effort to google the Giant store in Nagoya.  

    The Giant Store not only services Giant brand bikes, but also sells Giant Bikes, Giant accessories, and Athletic gear for the serious cyclist. We’re far from professional bikers, but that didn’t stop the Giant staff from treating us like royalty. I know customer service is a cornerstone of Japanese culture, but this had a genuine feel of “these people care about us and really want to help us.” Between our muddled Japanese and their simple English, we were able to drop off the bike, determine what needed to be repaired and ask about a few upgrades, and then we left so the staff could do a full work up (they checked everything, not just the tire) and create an estimate for us.  

    An estimate that they e-mailed to us, with an English explanation of costs. Now, admittedly the English was created with the help of Google translate, but it was incredibly thoughtful that they put in the extra effort.  

    As such a well-known brand, the Giant bike shops prices were a little higher than you’ll see in your local Aeon Bike, but we’re pleased as punch with the service provided and happy to foot a bill that’s a little more than normal for a tire that won’t to any further Hindenburg reenactments. And as a cherry on top, they registered The Mister’s bike for him. If you’ve got a Giant Bike, make your way over.



〒480-1112 Aichi-ken, Nagakute-shi, Sunago, 101

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