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  • KpQuePasa

    Bulk Buys Without the Terror of Costco

    As an American, I have a certain love for the “bulk buy,” but as an over-anxious human-being, I have a deep aversion to the crowds that gather en masse at the Costco in Nagoya. I avoid it like the plague. So on the days when I’d like to buy a bag of flour that can make more than one batch of cookies, or I’d like to buy some frozen meet or veggies to just have in the freezer to create easy prep meals down the line, I trek out to Amika in OsuKannon.  

    Now, Amika is a chain, so if you’re not near Osu, I’m sure there’s one closer to you. Wherever your nearest Amika is, it’s worth checking out. They are a restaurant supply chain, so they have lots of stuff in “Japanese-style-bulk,” which is to say they have stuff in what most Americans would call “normal size.” It’s plenty, for a good price.

    I love them for their flours - they have a LARGE assortment of flour types which are grate not just for everyday baking but also when I bake for my gluten-free friends. I love them for their selection of disposable containers (for those times I send The Mister to work with homemade omiyage). I love them for their frozen fruits which let me always have the option of a smoothie at the ready. And I love them for their whole, deboned frozen chickens, which stack neatly in my freezer and make a great start for a pot of chicken soup on a dreary day.

    There’s plenty more to check out at Amika, spices and sauces and canned goods galore. Give them a try to stock your pantry and your fridge.


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