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Fuji Legacy Arctic Exhibition Permanent Installation

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  • KpQuePasa

    Fuji Legacy Arctic Exhibition Permanent Installation

    Price: 2400 yen


    In the Nagoya Harbor there is a large ship. You might think “hmm. how curious, that ship looks too big to be able to get under that bridge to enter the harbor.” And then you might notice that the sides of the ship have posts coming out of them, effectively anchoring the whole vessel to the concrete slabs on either side of it. That ship would be the Fuji Legacy; a research ship which went on an Arctic Exhibition with a crew of 200 following WWII. It is not permanently docked and serves as a fully immersive museum to the Japanese dedication to research and furthering science, ship life, and discoveries made about the Arctic. It’s a quick tour, but if you’re in the harbor for the day, just 2400¥ per person gets you a ticket to the Fuji, the neighboring Maritime Museum, and the Nagoya Aquarium on the other side of the harbor. With a husband that has Navy ties, this was an interesting way to get a comparative glimpse into ship living for Americans versus Japanese (though since the ship docked in Nagoya as an exhibit a few decades ago, perhaps a bit outdated…). The space is well labeled in both Japanese and English, so it’s foreigner friendly as an activity. My only complaint is the slightly too realistic mannequin crew placed throughout the ship to help visitors see how the ship would have been staffed. They are… startlingly creepy. To me. They didn’t bug my husband, but I kept waiting for them to leap out at me. So… maybe a good activity for late October?


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