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  • KpQuePasa

    on Jul 26

    Always Get Your Caffeine onBefore Hitting the Books

    (always get your caffiene on before hitting the books.)

    There is no shortage of places in Nagoya willing to teach foreigners Japanese in exchange for some sweet, sweet yen. This isn't a shocking secret to anyone. The trick, however is to find a place -and specifically, a teacher- which has a passion, a level of patience and proven experience.   

    My husband and I have the privilege to be able to take private, one-on-one language lessons weekly, and we take those lessons at I.C. Nagoya. Located just outside of Nagoya station, the school offers not only private lessons but also group lessons for multiple languages. The intake at the school was straight-forward - I was given an exam of writing, reading and grammar points which gradually grew in difficulty, then a brief oral exam to assess my level and assign a teacher.  

    I appreciated that I.C. Nagoya was willing to start where I was at in my lessons, not from square 1 (learning hiragana AGAIN) as other schools we interviewed had insisted. I further appreciate that they are able to continue teaching us from the Genki series of books that I had started in - though they supplement my lessons with the Minano Nihongo, and JPLT Challenge series.

    At the time of writing, I have worked with three different teachers at I.C. Nagoya, and must point out that finding the right fit for you is imperative. My first teacher was an amazing fit for me both in the way she explained grammar points, but also in the common interests she used to practice conversation with me. After she was promoted, I found my second teacher sadly lacking in both areas. However, the school was quick to respond to my request for a teacher who better fit my needs, and I am consistently impressed with her ability to introduce me to materials to keep me practicing, and progressing.

    Explaining a language with almost as many ins, outs and non-sensical grammar exceptions as English takes a special kind of person, and some of those people exist at I.C. Nagoya in… Nagoya, Japan. 



Meieki 3-chome 26-19, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, 〒450-0002

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