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  • KpQuePasa

    on Jul 26

    Aeon Pet

    First things first - the listing for Aeon Pet on the map here isn’t the ONLY Aeon Pet. There is an Aeon Pet in ever Aeon Mall. I just listed this one because it’s the one we go to.

    In coming to Japan, the two most important things that came along with us were my cat, Bubba, and my very large Doberman mix, Mac. So one of the first resources I needed to track down was pet-care.

    Thankfully, Aeon Pet is easy to find and incredibly helpful! Most Aeon Pets include a traditional pet store, a grooming salon, veterinary services, AND a pet hotel. Mac is unfortunately too big for their hotel, but we utilize all the other services at Aeon Pet.

    Within the pet store, Mac is a bit of a celebrity. I love that the staff is not afraid of him (as I’ve found is pretty common here), and they make a point of asking about him whether he’s come to the store with me or not on any particular day. They helped my husband order a Japanese dog tag for Mac’s collar. They patiently explained to me (though I spoke zero Japanese at the time, and they spoke zero English) how to properly clean up after Mac’s bathroom needs, and when I brought him in on his birthday they gave him a free squid squeaky toy and sang happy birthday.

    Mac and I visit the grooming salon once every two weeks or so for him to get his nails trimmed. I think this is perhaps my favorite service offered, because after they trim his nails, they offer to let him hang out in the salon for however long I need to do errands elsewhere in the mall (aka I can check dog walk, dog nail trim, AND grocery shopping off the list all in one trip!)

    Lastly there are the veterinary services. These took a bit for me to get used to, since I am used to making an appointment for non-emergencies, and here it is customary to arrive after they have opened for the day (at 3:30) and be seen in order of arrival / importance. Though I failed at this important nuance a few times, I am always really impressed with the care they take to make sure they really understand why I’m there, and that I really understand what I need to do when I leave (we’ve visited for vaccines, a general cat check-up, and one unfortunate bout of upset tummy for the dog-face.) Our particular Aeon Pet even has an English-speaking vet on staff, who was a God-send the first few times we visited.

    I love Aeon Pet because they love my pets. I recommend their points program that helps you accrue coupons and rebates!



2−16−13, Chikusa Ward, Chikusa, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi-Ken 〒464-0858

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