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Tomizawa Chocolate Cellar



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  • KpQuePasa

    Tomizawa Chocolate Cellar

    I find a lot of peace and calm in taking some time to make a batch of cookies. Japan isn’t the easiest place to realize your baking-centered zen, what with the itty-bitty toaster ovens that make a maximum of 6 cookies at a time, and the lack of ingredient availability. At least one of those issues can be solved at the Tomizawa Chocolate Cellar.

    Located in the basement level of the Midland Square building just outside Nagoya Station, the Tomizawa Chocolate Cellar boasts an impressive collection of baking necessities from quirky cookie cutters and chocolate molds, to all the food colorings of the rainbow, cake boxes, sprinkles, and every kind of flour known to man-kind. This is particularly helpful when you’re looking for allergy-concious or gluten free ingredients for special sweets and treats.

    Though a bit pricey, I find myself regularly looking up recipes with weird ingredients just to have a reason to go and shuffle around this store. Definitely worth checking out for any baker.


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