21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

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  • Namakemono

    on Sep 18

    Modern Art and Classy Dining

    One of the best things about being in a foreign land is experiencing cosmopolitan life in a different setting. As tourists we are often led to Japanese castles and old homes. But as residents, we might also want to explore the modern side of things. The museum is one of the Kanazawa Loop Bus stops, right next to Kenrokuen Garden. It's famous for its permanent swimming pool exihibit, but it certainly has more to offer. You can explore the interactive installations out in the garden, and I encourage you to come inside and experience exhibits by local and foreign artists and creators alike. I recommend this for when you'd like a break from work, and instead fill your mind with something out of the ordinary (or empty it, whatever works!). Each room where installations are set-up have explanations in both Japanese and English. Rules for when taking photos are allowed or prohibited are clearly marked in every room. As you would expect, works go beyond just the visual. Be warned though, it's very popular with local tourists, so don't expect the museum to be empty! The restaurant/coffee shop also offers awesome Japanese-French fusion food that is worth your money!



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