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Namaskar - Bivi Building Shop

Avg: 1000 yen


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  • MamaKiyota

    Cheap, but very good Indian curry

    Price: 1000 yen

    I'm not a curry fan at all but Namaskar has made it's way onto my "must eat" list for Sendai.

    Namaskar has several varieties of curry with varying levels of spiciness. Their naan is also amazing! The naan is really what sets this place apart. They offer tandoori chicken, salad, rice, and indian desserts.  The prices are also incredibly reasonable. The lunch sets range from around 800 yen to 1200 yen. There is also a lunch buffet available on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The lunch buffet is all you can eat for only 1250 yen.

    They close from 3 until 5:30 so be sure you don't go for too late of a lunch!

    The restaurant itself is not very large but the environment is nice. The Indian style is a nice escape from the bustle of Sendai city. There are no high chairs but there is usually enough room to bring a stroller in.

    This restaurant does offer English support. The entire menu is available in English and the staff speak English as well.


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