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  • Cookievagabond

    on Oct 22

    Perfect Vegan Lunch In Kichijoji

    Last week we wanted to have some vegan food so one of the good restaurant I found near my place was DevaDeva Cafe Kichijoji. I want let you know that Kichijoji is a place which is famous for cafes in West Tokyo.You can see many yougesters here, who are out for date and for relaxing. Now going back to cafe review.We were 4 out of 6 vegetarian in our group.We all can have dairy products but this time we wanted to try pure vegan restaurant so here you are in Deva Deva Cafe. The first thing we noticed about the cafe was it’s ambience which was so cool for perfect outing. The space is a bit small(15~20 Seats with compact spacing) as compared to other cafes in Kichijoji area like Cafe Rigoletto(Wide space with 50+ seats). Now the time came to explore the menu. We were surprised and shocked to see fish and chicken in menu. Then we called the waitress and she explained us that each item in menu is 100% vegetarian and hand made.You are having plenty of choices for food start from salad , starter, maincourse, drinks to sweet dish. We were in good number so took opportunity to taste as many dishes as possible. Here we took salad , bread basket , chicken burger(Don"t go on name , they prepared this one from soyabean chunks), Fish burger, Pizza with extra cheese and other stuff. When the dish arrived specially the chicken burger and sausages, the vegetarian people became skeptical about eating it, although we have already inquired that all things are vegetarian apart from names. So finally people who can eat chicken tasted it and confirmed that it’s vegetarian only, and here we started lunch. Overall the food was good but the price was a bit higher than others(1000¥~). This may be because of handmade and fresh vegetables they were using but worth to try one time. Budget on weekend for 2 people with salad, starter, main course, drink and desert => 1,0000¥ ~ 1,3000 ¥ Good for : 2 people or with additional 2 kids. Distance from station: Hardly 5 ~ 8 minutes. Other thing to do after lunch: Visit Inokashira Park (Famous for watching cherry blossom and autumn leaves while boating in the lake) Note: We went on weekend lunch, so It may be a bit cheaper in weekdays lunch.

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