Pure Heart Kids Land in Natori's Aeon Mall ピュアハートキッズランド 名取エアリ

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  • JTsuzuki

    on Sep 4

    Great Time For Kids, But Pricey

    This is one of the most fun places for kids that I've encountered in Miyagi.

    The ball pit takes up about the same amount of space as the floor plan of my first Japanese apartment and includes playground equipment, surrounded by enough colorful hard-plastic spheres for a 3-year-old to try to swim in. (I know because mine did.) It is one of the first things you see when you get to the place as one wall of the ball-pit area is glass, facing one of the walkways within the mall.
    Other areas include a small enclosure with clean sand and sand-castle making accessories, a small motorcade of little tikes style cars, a "kids-village" of play-shops and play-houses complete with a dozen kinds of plastic food, a book nook, a small stage for daily events, a selection of bouncy houses and slides, a free arcade with a handful of games, and a dress-up station with racks of costumes as well as professional style lighting and backdrops. There is also a room filled with free massage chairs and manga, perfect for any care-giver who needs a break. 

    So much awesome stuff, but it comes at a price. The set entrance fee for anyone age 1 or above is 990 yen for a day-pass. If you show up after 4PM, the price drops by a third to 660 yen per person, which can make the price more manageable. There are also 30 minute and 1 hour passes, depending on your preference and time frame.

    Each family requires a member's card, which can be signed up for at the front for a small fee of 310 (charged yearly, I think) but this process does require a bit of Japanese form-filling-out ability.

    Shoes are removed at the entrance, so I recommend making sure everyone has socks, even in summer. Inside, you will also find a small restaurant, restrooms, and a bank of coin lockers (free). The restaurant only offers a few basic options, all kid-friendly, and Japanese as well as western style seating arrangements.

    Overall, the amenities provided are well worth the cost, but keep an eye on your child's energy level as well as your own. My three-year-old always over-does it and has a terrible tantrum all the way from the exit of this place to the exit of the mall, where she promptly passes out from having wasted every ounce of energy.

    For more information, check out  http://www.nikke-purekids.jp/



〒981-1294 宮城県名取市杜せきのした5丁目3−1 イオンモール名取

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